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a private attorney has been county executiie john leopold. and it's at the expense of tax. taxpayers. as crime and explains the bill is already - more than 20-thousand dollars. 450 dollars an hour that's the amount being charged to defend john leooold in a discrimination lawsuit. in a just over two weeks, leopold's legal bill is more than 20 thousand dollars. 3 3 33 3 ,, 3
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while taae law does require the county to provide for leopold's defense...if found off the hook and it would be the responsibity of leopold to pay up. joy lepola fox 45 news att5:30. the owner of the recher theater says he's not to blame for the fights that broke out last weekend in towson. but now he's worried about his business being punished - as a . unruly crowd gathered outside on york road saturday iiht after being turned away from a private event aa the theater. iiside, a charity fundrriser waa being hostee by a fraternity. police ended up being caaled to clear the crrwd. several people were arrested.the county execctive is now questtoning the tteater's liquor license - and their policy renting to outside promoters. 3
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for emo bands... for charities.> charities."> the event waa never posted on the theater's website. the ooner thinks worr simply spread through ocial media.. new thhs orning...soldiers at fort meade noowhave to undergo mandatory suicide prevention prainiig.leaders of the army pnstallation have scheddled multiple sessions today for all service's part of an army- wide move to address the rising number of after the number of suicides in july doubled in less hhn a month. the city board of estimates approves a deal to ssll the mmranda stephens is live in &pdeal a sham! the city has beennleasing the senator theatre to its new operators for the past two years... but today... they aprrved a deal to sell it to the operattrs foo half a million dollars. the operators - james cusack aad kathleen llon - agree o stephanie rawlings-blake -er
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praiseddthe deal - sayinn it willlallow the historii landmark to continue to be a city. but the theatre's former owner - ttomas kiefaber - says the city violated a nummer ff legal agreemenns by moving forrard - without a public hearing. thomas kiefaber 35:47 it's a pattonal historic landmarkk... stephanie rawlings blake: 3015 the senator has .... get the job done 27 the senator is currrnnly undergoing majjrr reeovations... including reetaurant. the new owners say the ppan is still on schedule. &p in ... mm, fox45 news at 530 a 70- year- old mmn is taken to the hospitallafter he parrs his car.... inside a house.
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pouse.take a llok at these picturesspolice do not hhve a lot of information but say tte vehicle was traveling down ooney mill road in gaithersburg when the driver this home near fflling grren road.the driver suffered non- life- threatening injuriis. pnjuries.when it comes to news in your neighborrood... see it.. shoot it.. send can upload photos and videos to our website.go to ffxbbltimore dot com anddclick on the "see it, shooo it, send it icoo. you can also send police are asking for help in finding a missing baltimore county woman. womaa. &p62-year-old mary elizabeth tisdale left her assisted piving facility on central thursday afternoon. she wws 5 last seen wearingga wwiteecoat ann blue jeans.tisdale suffers from medical conditions that cause ccnffsion, ann she may noo recall where she lives. anyone with information ssould call police. an apology and fallout tonight froo the patriots fan who triggered a major social
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media backlash after her pomments about torrey smith's brother. katie moody of balttmore released herrapology today. keith daniels, live innthe neesroom with her statement.... and wwat experts say about the power of the innernet.. keith. //////////////// /keith///- jeff..... katte johns hopkins school of the medicine.............anddsince her tweet after sunday nighh's game.. people have inudatedd the school oo the internet.. with tweets and emaill calling for her to be fired. well today.. she apologized. ////////////////////vo////////// 3 3 her statement reads in ppat..... "i profoundly regret completely inappropriate and comment.. ann i deeply lament tte pain it caused. //////////////// all of this started with moody's tweet soon after the ravens beat the patriots sunday.... and teel him about your win.. ohhh, wait, too soon?" race
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defense tweeting.. "u are e.. - terrible,,i hope you know the worr karma." soon after, moody's tweet wwnn spreadinn across the country. and tonight, onn on-line expert says it's another example that shhos the power and viral nature of the inteenet. (mr. white) "i maybe, i have a heightened sense of awarenesssof this thing, but - nieve for a person to think phat when they put picture on the internet,,when they make a comment on the thought on the internet, it -3 despite the apology.. more according to our g1440 eepert... thhre are cammaigns active on facebook now to get moody thrown out of baltimore...... live in tte newsroom.. keith daniels, fox 44 news aa 5-30. going toothe raven'ssgame tomorroo... might end up saving your life.... free melanomm screeniig
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stadiumm it's part of an anti cancer rusade that tte raven's are arricipating in. the effort was prompted by people like lisa stinchcomb, who lost hee hussand, wayne, to ancer in 2010. ((isaaclooe)-pause- iis horrible.. horrible disease anddto see a strong man &pnew llws for maryland mo-ped riders begin monday. &pponday. mo-ped riders will now be required to wear helmets and eye prooection, or face a fine up to 500 dollars. mo-peds and mmtor scooters have to be tttled and insuued. and scooter drivers must have either a valid driver's license or a scooterrpermit. that means anyone with a suspended or revoked drrver's license is breaking the law if they ride a scooter. the mayoo took aim at community accvists for criticizing lan to add parking ssaces inside patterson pprk. park.last week community lladers spoke out against the plan, wwich ould iiccease parring inside tte park tt
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accomodate a renovated senior center.but the mayor says the that residents will have and plently of input before plans are finalized. 00: 32:15""e talked about a coupll of solutions with ccuncilman kraftm who took them to the community and made it seem like it was aadone deal and it wasn't, is has poisend the well for disucssiin the future of the pa" park." the mayor sayssthere will be a series of community meetings this fall to iscuss the plans ann get input from residents. 3carrrll county could be the third county to makk english the official language of the pill ask the board oo commissioners to introduce the propossl tomorrow. under the prroosal, official aations and views cominggfrrm carrrll coonty would be in english. or elected official would ee still be able to communicate in any languagg for unofficial business.if it passes... it anne's couuties. how are the roads looking tonig?
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tonight?brandi ppoctor hhs our traffic edge rrport. report. mappelairfibermap395mmp fans still fuming... over monday night's game between the packers anddseahawk.
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seahawks.what one doctor is now offering the refs... who made the controversial call. 3 it claims to keep your phone ssfe.... but can it stand up to the scratch test?coming up, really works. iquid armor - aad 50 shades of chicken.... the unusual eeipes in a new cookbook inspired by the erotic novel. 3 --adblib weather tz--
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over monday night's dramatic last-minute loss to the a wisconsin eyy
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the n-f-l referee who made the game-deciding call... to help him see more clearly. in fact he's offering free lasik surgery o áallá the replacement referees... who officiated monnay night's game. "yeah. tte referees obviously soowe decided that they we could help them with that." no word yet on whether the n-f-l will take the eye doctor up on his offerr one... prrductt claims... to... keep your... electronics... looking... / like you... just... box.../. patrice sanders puts dud test. test. one product claims to protect scratches and dust without jeopardizing the clarity of the screen.we find out if
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"liquid armorr is a deal or aad. introduce....oc: nano tech screen protector. protector."liquid armor" it out in rral life to see if ittreally works. porks.:20ic: if yourr like us &pyouve experienced frustrion......oc: the worst part is you use the clarityyof yyur deeice's screen. screen. let's see if it's easy to just spray once or twice on the cloth provided... wiie it on in one direction on the screen foo 10 seconds. minutts.((sot)) 19::8:25:21 -&w dry completely...that lookk smudgy.-19:28:29 ((sot)) ((sot)) afterrit dries completely.. we test.:55ic: unlike plastic film. oc: sharp objects objects((sot))19:29:07 -looks llke it's prettt scratch proof
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to me- 19:29:08 ((sot)) ((sot))we also see if it stands up to makeup. makeep.((sot)) 19929:20-dusty pide herr...ddsty side there... the non treated side didn'' dust off so well 19:29:29 ((sstt) ((sot)))sois it a deal or a dud? dud??(sot))- 19:29:35-yay on on the dust -19:29: 37((sot)) 37((sot))the liquid-armor retails for 24.99to oorer he &pliquid armoo log on tt fox newslinks.patrice sanders, sot: baby lock them doors and turn the lights down low...put some music on thatsssoftt nd some music on down low...put turn the ights down low...put slow... for a star... intensifies... during factor" tonight..../// that's... 17 yar old...
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willie jones from louiiiana...//.he... surprised country voice... whhle ssngiig...."your man"... y... josh turner... duriig his try north carolina...//.willie... next round..../judge... l-- reid... tells us... he's happy... ith the talent... this season.../ and... he's thrilled... to be working with new judges.... deei lovato and britney speaas. l.a. says: britneys been great. britneys fun. shes so ponest. what i think i love about her most is that she ccn only give it to you straighh. yyu can see "the x factor" tonight and tomorrow... at 3 a man blames his pet driving arrest..what's even more unbelievable abbut his story.
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3 --adblib weather tz-- anncr: their dishonest ads are everywhere.
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a west virginia casino spending a fortune... to stop question seven. they don't want competition. the washington post wrote the casino behind the ads is... "most concerned with its own bottom line." and the baltimore sun says it "doesn't have maryland... taxpayers' interests at heart." so when you see these ads remember... they're about what's good for west virginia's casino... not maryland. vote for maryland jobs and schools. vote for question seven. a late niggt drive and a few
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beers landed a pet squirrel in trouble with its owner, and the pet's owner in trouule with the llw. warren... pichael... admits to drinking, saturday night../. and... was driving... with his pet squirrel... when... he was pulled ovee...//.accorring ... to... police reportt.../ he... told he officer.. hh had a squirell... eatingghim...///then... he... pulled out the animal... from under hii shirt. "he wasn't eating him, he was just crawllng around in his shirt, nibbling at him, just &pis."ery friendly.she is.""- the man was taken to jail...
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and his girlfriend... showed up and took their pet home.the squirrel's name issádew-weeá../ spelled... d---i..- --- react to story ---we'vv got some rain coming inno the forecast. and it may be hitting around 3 3ame time tonight..chief 3 3 3 vytas reid....meteorologistt chief chief meteorologist &pvytas reid.... 3 p3
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3 3 (adlib hello) 3
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3 straight losses.."after two things around v/o roll cue..."turn v/o roll cue..."turn things around &pafter two straight losses.." the yankees played..and won alreedy as of this yankees by two full games in theaaeeiccn league east...this with just 7 games to play.. tooight, and every game left on the schedule becomes crucial..vital...whichever word you want to usee..and buck showalter insisss his men arr ready you heard earrier in tghis newscast, there is a real possibility that thenflls lockout of it's officials will be settled..pprhapp as soon as
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&ptonight...multiple outlett ar repooting this afternoon that aanegotiating session tuesday nightbetweee the owners and the refs thattbore fruit..especially in the wake the league'' two prime time n - showcases, ssnnay and monday night football..the word coming out of those meeeings is thatta deal is in place, and tte regular refs could be back o work immediately.. adlib --ttss to vytas-- vytas-- 3 3
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yoo're looking at an imaae of yet of a small sliver of the night's a result of astronomers piecing together ten years' worth of images captured y the hubble space telescope..he iiages revval galaxies and other celessial pe're ... saying... thank you... tt... the fans... that make our facebook page... a success.'s ... facebook... fan of the day is... debbie gardner....// you... could be.. .a... fox 5... fan of phe day..../ day..../all ... yyu... have to do... is... go to .... facebook dot com ...slash foxbaltimore../ and... click the "like"... button..../we... have... a... new fan of the day... every weekdayy.. on... fox45 news at five.
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while... we're... on the topic of food....listen to this...///. a... new book... is... coming out.../ called... chicken."here's a look at the cover.according to "people no joke.tte ccokbook will be erotic... just like the bestseller "50 shadee of gray." &precipes include things like "mustarr spanked chicken"... and "dripping thighs.""t's scheduled to hit shelves on november 13th. 3 that's all for ,3 3 5530."family feud" is next.t - next.and we'll be baak tonight for fox45 news at ten -- and 11...we'll see you
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